A Glossary of Literary Terms, Seventh Edition by M.H. Abrams

By M.H. Abrams

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McKay, and others, 1997. " Of all English metrical forms it is closest to the natural rhythms of English speech, and at the same time flexible and adaptive to diverse levels of discourse; as a result it has been more frequently and variously used than any other type of versification. Soon after blank verse was introduced by the Earl of Surrey in his translations of Books 2 and 4 of Virgil's The Aeneid (about 1540), it became the standard meter for Elizabethan and later poetic drama; a free form of blank verse is still the BOMBAST medium in such twentieth-century verse plays as those by Maxwell Anderson and T.

Medieval authors wrote generalized chronicles of the deeds of a king, as well as hagiographies: the stylized lives of Christian saints, often based much more on pious legends than on fact. In England, the fairly detailed secular biography appeared in the seventeenth century; the most distinguished instance is Izaak Walton's Lives (including short biographies of the poets John Donne and George Herbert), written between 1640-78. The eighteenth century in England is the age of the emergence of the full-scale biography, and also of the theory of biography as a special literary genre.

Eliot for much of The Waste Land (1922). " Divisions in blank verse poems, used to set off a sustained passage, are called verse paragraphs. See, for example, the great verse paragraph of twenty-six lines which initiates Milton's Paradise Lost, beginning with "Of man's first disobedience" and ending with "And justify the ways of God to men"; also, the opening verse paragraph of twenty-two lines in Wordsworth's "Tintern Abbey" (1798), which begins: Five years have past;fivesummers, with the length Of five long winters!

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