A Retargetable C Compiler: Design and Implementation by David R. Hanson

By David R. Hanson

This new textual content examines the layout and implementation of Icc, a production-quality, retargetable compiler, designed at AT&T Bell Laboratories and Princeton collage for the ANSI c language. The authors' cutting edge procedure - a "literate application" that intermingles the textual content with the resource code - provides an in depth travel of the code that explains the implementation and layout judgements mirrored within the software program. And whereas such a lot books describe toy compilers or specialise in remoted items of code, the authors have made on hand the total resource code for a true compiler. established as a self-study consultant that describes the real-world tradeoffs encountered in development a production-quality compiler, A Retargetable C Compiler can be worthy to people who paintings in program components utilizing or growing language-based instruments and methods. positive aspects: discusses the implementation and layout tradeoffs made whereas developing a true ANSI C compiler, illustrating the interplay among idea and perform; covers compiler conception merely as had to comprehend the implementation of Icc, focusing as a substitute on sensible, utilized concerns; encourages a deeper figuring out of programming in C, through offering C programmers with a journey of the language from the viewpoint of compiler authors; comprises insurance of code turbines for the MIPS R3000, SPARC, and Intel 386 and its successors; and offers entry to the total resource code for the Icc compiler, the 3 again ends, and the code-generator generator, both on disk or through FTP.

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Also, the search key is a field in the union u that is specific to labels or constants. Compiler-generated labels and the internal counterparts of sourcelanguage labels are named by integers. c functions)+= int genlabel(n) int n; { static int label = 1; label += n; return label - n; } ... 45 46 ..... 40 HASHSIZE 44 install 39 Table CHAPTER 3 • SYMBOL MANAGEMENT 46 gen 1abe 1 is also used whenever a unique, anonymous name is needed, such as for generated identifiers like temporaries. A symbol is allocated for each label, and u .

Locus appends tp->all and cp to symbols and 1oci. tp->a 11 points to the symbol most recently added to the table *tp, and is thus the current tail of the list of visible symbols. Implement use and 1ocus; both take fewer than five lines. Coordinate List Symbol Table use 38 34 37 39 51 4 Types Types abound in C programs. These include the types given explicitly in declarations and those derived as intermediate types in expressions. For example, the assignment in int *p, x; *p = x; involves three different types.

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