A School Under Trees by Raghu Babu

By Raghu Babu

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The Genius of Ancient Man

Evidences and commonalities explored from historic guy around the world! Why constructions echoing the Tower of Babel were recreated on nearly each continent and significant tradition What artifacts and archaeology, know-how and innovation, particularly demonstrate concerning the starting place of mankind Why many biblical symbols (rainbows, human sacrifice, mountains, the Son/ solar worship) have been, and stay, distorted in pagan spiritual practices What the historic checklist unearths approximately Satan’s “counterfeit” of God’s plan for humanity world wide there are related findings of old religions, towns and towers, global go back and forth, complex astronomy, and civilized govt.

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Hemalatha noted her observations on RAGI “We can easily pluck this plant. It is not much stronger. It will not live for more time. This plant is like a huge grass plant. The leaves of this plant are lean and long! This is a short plant. The bunch of flowers having black & white colours. ” Learning should be encouraged in a natural process. If it is not, children have to by-heart the terminology of the text books! It is very difficult to the 8-10 year old children! Is it not?! Certainly children can develop their memory power and respond spontaneously.

When they returned they said with large eyes: “Anna! We went there, the farmer rebuked us - we were fearful.... ” “Anna! We went there, the farmer asked us to sit on the bund. ” After interviews,, they collated the information in the science classes, and prepared essays on paddy, sugarcane, cotton, maize, beatle nut, ladies fingers, brinjals, turmeric, beans etc. Then they again visited the fields, and drew the pictures of those crops during the art classes. At last I prepared a book with their pictures: CROPS IN PALLIPADU.

After their responses, I suggested them to observe the seeds again. “See the natural phenomena. Some seeds have TWO halves, means pulses! Some seeds do not have pulses.... ” I have to teach the terms MONOCOTLYDONS AND DICOTLYDONS. But I do not like to teach the terms of science which are prescribed by the Government text books in primary stages.... Lots of terms are prescribed in Government text books for c1asses III - V. In science text: cotyledons, tap root system, pollination; fertilisation etc.

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