Active Volcanoes of the Southwest Indian Ocean: Piton de la by Patrick Bachelery, Jean-François Lenat, Andrea Di Muro,

By Patrick Bachelery, Jean-François Lenat, Andrea Di Muro, Laurent Michon

This ebook examines Piton de los angeles Fournaise and Karthala, safeguard volcanoes. It offers geological, geophysical, geochemical and petrological features in addition to stories on actual geography, average dangers and the sociological and behavioural methods.

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To the east of Salazie, a fourth cirque, the Marsouins Cirque, has been partially filled by lava and pyroclastite flows (Rocher and Westercamp 1989) giving rise to the present Bébour-Bélouve Plain (Fig. 4). The internal structure of Piton des Neiges volcano has been studied with gravity, magnetic and resistivity methods as well as by a 2108 m-deep drill hole (Demange et al. 1989; Gailler and Lénat 2012; Malengreau et al. 1999). The main feature of the interior of the volcano is the presence of a huge intrusive complex which creates a large positive gravity anomaly (Fig.

J Volcano Geotherm Res, 184(1– 2): 138–151. 003 Montaggioni L, Nativel P, Billard G (1972) L’activite actuelle du Piton de la Fournaise (Ile de la Reunion, Ocean Indien). C R Acad Sci Paris 275:2615–2618 Peltier A, Massin F, Bachèlery P, Finizola A (2012) Internal structures and building of basaltic shield volcanoes: the example of the Piton de La Fournaise terminal cone (La Réunion). Bull Volcanol 74:1881– 1897. 1007/s00445-012-0636-7 Rivals P (1950) Histoire géologique de l’île de La Réunion.

Doi:10. 1038/ngeo1736 3 Construction of La Réunion Jean-François Lénat Abstract La Réunion is a huge volcanic edifice, 220–240 km in diameter and 7 km in height, lying on a *4000 m deep ocean floor. Unlike for most oceanic volcanoes, the lithosphere beneath La Réunion exhibits, no, or very weak, flexure. A large body of underplated material has been identified beneath the southwestern part of the island. Two volcano edifices currently compose the island: Piton des Neiges to the NW and Piton de la Fournaise to the SE.

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