Advanced Graphics on Vga and Xga Cards Using Borland C++ by Ian O. Angell

By Ian O. Angell

This publication exploits the mixed benefits of an object-orientated method of programming, the consumer pleasant setting of Borland C++, and the top of the range special effects possible with VGA and XGA photo adapters operating on IBM PS/2 (and appropriate) machines. issues comparable to modelling and transformation of items, hidden floor elimination, gentle shading, shadows, transparency and reflections are coated. a proof of most of these recommendations, the underlying arithmetic and knowledge constructions is supplied via the authors. This ebook will let readers, even if an consumer built with an appropriate microcomputer, or a scholar taking a complicated useful path in special effects, to obtain massive services during this sector of visible verbal exchange. This publication might be of curiosity to undergraduates and laptop fans attracted to programming.

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