Advanced Terrain Modelling (Modelling Masterclass) by Richard Windrow

By Richard Windrow

The secrets and techniques of top-class terrain modelling are published and confirmed via Richard Windrow, one of many world's best diorama modellers, during this new addition to the winning Masterclass sequence. every thing from medieval castles to the destruction wrought upon sleek towns by means of warfare is roofed during this wide-ranging and obtainable process. discover the problems of constructing an efficient barren region surroundings from the sandstone of Arizona to the wastelands of North Africa. detect the fragile handiwork had to create the barbed cord loss of life traps of No-Man's Land and the frozen desert of Russia in winter.

This number of seasons, environments and old sessions are distinctive in over 2 hundred complete colour step by step photos in order that more than a few modeller's "how to" questions are simply spoke back. Accompanying the pictures is a useful consultant to the fabrics and methods had to create first-class terrain, delivering the basic reference quantity for the army and non-military modeller alike.

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