Adventures of the Treasure Fleet: China Discovers the World by Ann Martin Bowler

By Ann Martin Bowler

Join the chinese language admiral and his staff as they conflict pirates and raging storms during this fantastically illustrated chinese language heritage publication for kids.

Did you recognize that eighty five years earlier than Columbus chanced on the United States, chinese language ships longer than a soccer box sailed millions of miles via unknown oceans and visited greater than 30 countries? it really is true!

Adventures of the Treasure Fleet: China Discovers that World is the fantastic tale of those seven epic voyages and their larger-than-life commander, Admiral Zheng He. starting in 1405, Admiral Zheng He led greater than three hundred big, brightly-painted ships around the South China Sea to the Indian Ocean and all of the method to the far-off coast of Africa. The admiral and his staff battled pirates and raging storms, and have been surprised via the folks and methods of lifestyles in far-off lands. At each one port, chinese language items have been traded for pearls, beneficial stones, herbs and drugs that have been given as tribute to China's strong emperor whilst the ships' lower back home.

Filled with historic proof, Adventures of the Treasure Fleet brings an attractive piece of heritage to existence. Gracefully instructed and wonderfully illustrated, the story's quick velocity will maintain youngsters captivated whereas supplying sufficient info to meet curious readers of every age.

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During their homeward voyage the fleet encountered a violent storm. The crew, believing that evil water dragons had come for them, called out to Tianfei, the patron goddess of sailors. Just when all seemed lost, a “divine light” touched the tip of a mast and within minutes, the storm subsided. ” What they saw was a Saint Elmo’s fire, static electricity that illuminates the sky with a blue-green glow. Occurring at the end of a storm, Saint Elmo’s fire has often been interpreted by sailors as divine in nature.

And from that day forward, Siam was a good neighbor to Malacca and sent regular tribute to China’s emperor. The fleet’s next stop was the kingdom of Siam, a fertile land with many followers of the Buddhist religion. The king of Siam rode a white elephant while shaded by an elegant, gold-colored umbrella. Women made many decisions about trade and law and generally enjoyed much freedom. Siam sent diplomats to China in 1407 with gifts of parrots, peacocks, and elephants. These pleased the emperor but when the Siamese snatched the seal from Malacca’s prince, China demanded that Siam to stop harassing Malacca.

The king of Siam captured Parameswara and snatched the official seal. Outraged, the emperor ordered that the seal should be returned and Parameswara released. Diplomatic ties between China and Malacca grew stronger with each voyage. The Chinese built a fort in Malacca which they used to keep provisions, trade goods, and gifts. Under Chinese protection, Malacca developed quickly. In just three years, the population grew to 200,000. It became a wealthy and powerful hub for international trade and was one of the largest cities in the world at the time.

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