An Atlas of Gross Pathology by Christopher D. M. Fletcher, Philip H. McKee

By Christopher D. M. Fletcher, Philip H. McKee

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GOETHE bemerkt in seinen "Maximen und Reflexionen": "Zur Verewigung des Irrtums tragen die Werke besonders bei, die enzyklopädisch das Wahre und Falsche des Tages überliefern. Hier kann die Wissenschaft nicht bearbeitet werden, sondern used to be guy weiß, glaubt, wähnt, wird aufgenommen; deswegen sehen solche Werke nach fünfzig Jahren gar wunderlich aus.

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They occur most often in the first pari, particularly on the anteri or wall and produce similar complications to ulcers in the stomach . II , (I" . 22 Gastric leiomyoma. ; apex. The cut surface (right) reveals that the tumou r is "" ' " 11( IIJY a layer of attenuated , normal epithelium . Leiomyomas are ,,, ,11 11" 1IIIIIYlOn benign gastric tu mours, whic h are often asympI, ,". 24 Periampullary carcinoma. Thi s segment of duodenum has been opened to show a fungating, focally ulcerated tumour arising around the ampulla of Vate r.

Lh ,n. Their malignant counterparl, loiolllY, I'"", 111 11 I'"I' I/ lly I,II U ''''' i; 3 Alimentary System 'I It IlliuJ1om a. ,,11 1It " 11011 rrojecting from the mucosal su rface ' Ii I' '"', 'VI( lonce of ulceration or adjacent infiltration . ,. 11 '" 'Illy rarely pedunculated. Th ey have exactly 1I I' " " II 1"111 illi llil and are often seen in associalion with I II, 'I'" 11111 '. hll ndl)nocarcinoma. In the fundus of the stomac h is ' llilll'dil willi Irregu lar rolled edges. Adenocarcinoma 1I II "11111111110 most common causes of death due to I.

In this clo se·up v iew. an approx· area of subca psu lar parenchyma shows a with slight concavi ty of the overlyi ng appearance which results from throm­ radicle. usually as a consequence of a sm all by tumour The hepatic arterial supply in such cases. but parenchymal atrophy and acute idiopathic fatty change Pregnancy fatty change with hyperemesis Severe systemic infection Pathological obesity 1 Cystic fibrosis , , thrombosis. A large branch of the portal vei n is thrombus. Note that the li ver parenchyma shows Cirrhosis.

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