An Introduction to Geological Structures and Maps, 1st by G. M. Bennison (auth.)

By G. M. Bennison (auth.)

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Successive beds are bent into arcs having the same centre of curvature. 20a). The shape of successive bedding planes is essentially similar, hence the name (Fig. 20b). Thinning of the beds takes place in the limbs of the folds (and a strong axial plane cleavage is usually developed). This type of folding probably occurs when temperatures and pressures are high. (b) c onclZ nt rl c 51mlla r f o ld ng I fo lding Fig. 20 The shape of concentric and similar folding seen in section. z Two possible directions of strike A structure contour is drawn by joining points at which a geological boundary surface (or bedding plane) is at the same height.

34 and 35. Calculation of strike-slip displacement Where any vertical phenomenon is present, for example the axial plane of a symmetrical fold, vertical strata, igneous dyke, etc. the lateral displacement by the fault can be measured directly from the map. e. it is not an oblique-slip fault, see Fig. 25) then we can simply find the lateral shift by measuring the displacement of any chosen structure contour on a given geological boundary. Where strata are folded it is easy to measure the lateral displacement of fold axes or axial planes (Fig.

Construct a structure contour map for the coal seam using a 1 0 feet contour interval. Insert on the map the 50ft and 100ft overburden isopachytes. (These will pass through all points where the ground contours and the structure contours for the coal intersect and differ in height by 50 feet and by 1 00 feet. HINT: Naturally, the overburden isopachytes will be approximately parallel to the outcrop of the coal seam since in this quite small area of the map the topography is not complex. 2 feet of coal are exposed in the mouth of the old coal ad it.

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