An introduction to open source software development by Evers S.

By Evers S.

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Who should receive the transfered knowledge? 4. How should the knowledge be transfered? The answer to the fourth question is communication19 itself because of its definition as ”the imparting or exchange of information by speaking, writing, or by using some other medium” [Oxford98]. Therefore the issue of this activity is to share the relevant knowledge of the project between all participants to support their work. 2 on page 87. 50 3. Organization of Open Source Projects Since there is no general answer to the other three questions, I have tried to find something that is close to the situation in current OSPs.

Since many of them are also working in the IT business their participation is often essential for a project. 1 on page 25 for commercial companies. 6. g. the present financial market is not conceivable without computers. Therefore they prefer to have at least one alternative for their economy in the future in case present strategies turn out to be a failure. Besides, they do not like their economy to depend on single (foreign) companies. A good examples is the sponsoring of the GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) by the German Ministry of Economics37 .

There a several aspects that can be used for this purpose: Owner The owner might be an individual, a legal person like a company or the project itself. The owner has the authority to decide what happens with a device: who is allowed to use it, at what time, where, how, etc.. g. actor’s time, money). Looking at the costs of worldwide transportation, the sensitivity of computer devices and the low prices of the equipment it is not sensible to frequently move it around. Thus, the location can be considered as static in most cases.

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