Analytical Lung Pathology by Professor Klaus Kayser M.D., Ph.D. (auth.)

By Professor Klaus Kayser M.D., Ph.D. (auth.)

All illnesses regarding the lung are offered in alphabetical order. each one is mentioned within the related means less than the subheadings of definition, epidemiology, pathophysio- logy, scientific analysis, radiology, gross and micro patho- logy, histomorphological descriptors, specific stains, corridor- mark of prognosis and differential diagnosis.

"An encyclopedic choice of phrases facing illnesses and/or pathological stipulations of the respiration organs with the purpose to offer the reader speedy information regarding the fundamental elements. This encyclopedic resource might be suggested not just to pathologists but in addition to clinicians and practitioners confronted with pulmonary diseases." (Experimental and Toxicologic Pathology)

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Descriptors: Lung parenchyma with altered structure: • noncaseous epithelioid granulomas • fungus (intragranulomatous, adiaspores) • multinucleated giant cells • palisading histiocytes • focal interstitial fibrosis • Special stains: PAS, Mayer's mucicarmine technique, Gridley, gallocyanin, toluidine blue. Hallmark of diagnosis: Demonstration of adiaconidia embedded in granulomatous collagenous tissue with scattered giant cells. Differential diagnosis: Lentil pneumonia (grain aspiration). a-Adrenergic Nasal Sprays Definition: Alteration of the lung parenchyma associated with intake of a-adrenergic nasal sprays, see Drug Toxicity.

Pathology: Gross: Macroscopic fmdings include absence of one or both lungs with rudimentary, blindending bronchus, tracheobronchus, or tracheal agenesis. Absence of one or more lobes should not be confused with "bilateral left lungs" seen . in association with cardiac malformations. Existing lung is often enlarged. Histology: No specific fmdings. Existing lung has normally mature lung parenchyma and may present an increased number of alveoli and a reduced number of bronchial branches and arterial branches .

Osteomyelitis of adjacent ribs may simulate a malignant growth . Pathology: Gross: Large fibrotic areas of the lung contain cavities with purulent masses and hard yellow granules about 1 mm in diameter. These granules are characteristic of the disease (so-called sulfur granules) and are mainly located in drainage fistulae leading to adjacent bronchi. Histology: The purulent abscess is encapsulated by broad granulation tissue containing lymphocytes, plasma cells, histiocytes, and infrequently giant cells.

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