Ancient Cyprus by A.S. Brown, H.W. Catling

By A.S. Brown, H.W. Catling

Revealed for the viewers and bought on the Ashmolean Museum; from the Neolithic to Medieval and later Cyprus

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The dccipherment of the Cypriot syllabary was achieved in the 1870s. much assisted by a number of 'bilingual' inscriptions· syllabic and Phoenician inscriptions on thc same stone. The main outline uf the deciphennent was thc work of the English Assyriologisl. George Smith. Et~ypriot. g. pI. XXVII. founh century Be, from Polemidhia) is not confined to that city. as recent finds at Paphos havc shown. The existence of two languages in one city may here be a special case, since Paphos was a shrine of great sanctity, with an international reputation.

The copper of Cyprus must have been an important element in this trade, which seems to have encouraged the founding of many sites on or near the coast, particularly in the south-east. Many of the wealthy towns of the succeeding Late Cypriot period owed their foundation to this movement, which illustrates the end of the island's isolation from the world of her neighbours, and the first of the steps by which she was increasingly to lose that 'Kyprios character', to which Aeschylus long aner referred.

1381. 48 THE IRON AGE Plale XIX: Bichrome IV jllg, decorated in 'Free-Field' style, a bird and IOlllS blossom_ Cypro-Archaic I. From the Cesnola Collection. HI. 10881. , ANCIENT CYPRUS Plate XX: 8ichrome 1\1 jug. decorated in 'Free·Fidd' style. II gaulle and slylised lree. Cypro Archaic I. HI. 8391. so THE IRON AGE Plate XXI: Black-on-Red ware flask, decorated with a bird facing frontal and concentric circles. Cypro-Archaic II. Perhaps from Dhall, Cesnola Collection. Ht. 16181. 51 ANCIENT CYPRUS Though hird~ (pIs.

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