Ancient Mesopotamia: New Perspectives, Edition: illustrated by Peter Knight

By Peter Knight

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The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, reputedly built by Nebuchadrezzar for his Median queen, Amyitis, were regarded as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, their fame long outlasting their physical existence. Some versions of the list of Seven Wonders also included the great walls of Babylon, said by Herodotus to be wide enough to turn a four-horse chariot on. Early European Travelers While Egypt’s enduring monuments inspired perennial interest, little survived to provoke similar curiosity in Mesopotamia after the fall of its great cities.

Ridpath, John Clark, Ridpath's History of the World, 1901) (Early Dynastic period) I (ca. ), the main flow of the Euphrates farther south moved eastward to run down a previously minor branch, reducing water in its former main channel. Uruk, on the latter, though still a major city, declined from its earlier preeminence, while cities on the eastern branch, including Umma, grew in importance. E. Today the principal bed of the Euphrates lies farther west. The Euphrates is not alone in changing its course.

Eventually the land became too saline for cultivation. Many southern cities were abandoned, and their inhabitants moved north or turned to pastoral nomadism. 18 ANCIENT MESOPOTAMIA TEXT REFERENCES Buccellati, Giorgio, and Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati. 1997. ” Pp. 188–190 in The Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Near East. Edited by Eric M. Meyers. 5 Volumes. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Butzer, Karl W. 2000. ” Pp. 123–151 in Civilizations of the Ancient Near East. Vol. 1. Edited by Jack M.

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