Another Fine Myth by Robert Asprin

By Robert Asprin

1st variation paperback, vg++

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Lovely lass, but she couldn't keep her mouth shut, even in bed. " Aahz was suddenly brusque again. " "Well, first we bury the Imp. Maybe it will throw the others off our trail. With any luck, they'll think he grabbed all the loot and disappeared. " "No, I mean after that. '' "Kid, sometimes you worry me. That isn't even magik. It's common sense military action. First, we find Isstvan. Second, we appraise his strength. " "Um . . Aahz, could we back up to one for a minute? " That stopped him.

I protested. " As if in response, the feather I was levitating began to tremble and wobble in midair. " he accused. "It's the wind," I argued. I wanted to add "from your loud mouth," but didn't dare. Early in our lessons Garkin had demonstrated his lack of appreciation for cheeky apprentices. "The wind," he sneered, mimicking my voice. " My mental contact with the object of my concentration was interrupted as the feather darted suddenly toward the ceiling. It jarred to a halt as if it had become imbedded in something, though it was still a foot from the wooden beams, then slowly rotated to a horizontal plane.

It was a head, apparently the assassin's. It was badly charred, with bone showing in several places. My natural revulsion at the sight was compounded by several obvious features. The chin and ears of the head were unnaturally pointed, and there were two short, blunt, horns protruding from the forehead. " I exclaimed in horror. "A what? Oh, a Deveel. No, it's not from Deva, it's from Imper. An Imp. " I asked, but Aahz was busy scowling at the head. "The question is, who would be crass enough to hire an Imp for an assassin?

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