Antisemitism: a historical encyclopedia of prejudice and by Richard S. Levy (Editor)

By Richard S. Levy (Editor)

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11 (1862) Restricted Public Accommodations, United States Seligman-Hilton Affair (1877) United States XXIV CONTRIBUTORS Frederick J. Simonelli Mount St.

2. Antisemitism—History—Encyclopedias. I. Levy, Richard S. II. Title. 892'4'009—dc22 06 05 04 03 02 01 2005009480 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 This book is also available on the World Wide Web as an eBook. com for details. ABC-CLIO, Inc. O. Box 1911 Santa Barbara, California 93116–1911 This book is printed on acid-free paper. Manufactured in the United States of America CONTENTS Contributors and Their Entries, xiii Introduction, xxix ANTISEMITISM A HISTORICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PREJUDICE AND PERSECUTION A Action Française (1899–1945), 1 Adams, Henry Brooks (1838–1918), 2 Adversus Iudaeos, 3 African American–Jewish Relations, 4 Agobard (779–840), 6 Agrarian League, 6 Ahlwardt, Hermann (1846–1914), 7 Alexandrian Pogrom, 9 Algeria, 9 Alliance Israélite Universelle, 10 Almohad Persecution, 12 Alsace, 13 American Jewish Committee and Antidefamation Efforts in the United States, 16 American Nazi Party, 17 Angriff, Der, 18 Antichrist, 19 Antisemites’ Petition (1880–1881), 20 Antisemitic Correspondence, 21 Antisemitic Political Parties (Germany, 1879–1914), 22 Antisemitism, Accusations of, 23 Antisemitism, Etymology of, 24 Anti-Zionism, 25 Anti-Zionism in the USSR, 26 Antonescu, Ion (1882–1946), 29 Apion, 29 Aquarius, Age of, 30 Arab Antisemitic Literature, 30 Arab Boycott, 32 Arafat, Yasir (1929–2004), 33 Arch of Titus, 34 Argentina, 35 Armed Forces of the United States, 37 Arndt, Ernst Moritz (1769–1860), 39 Aryan Paragraph, 39 Aryan Theater, 40 Aryanization (Germany), 41 Augustine of Hippo (354–430), 43 Auschwitz Lie, 45 Australia, 45 Austria, 48 Auto-da-fé, 50 B Bailey, Alice A.

Even so, many problems remain. Antisemitism, anti-Jewish stereotyping, and Jew-hatred in whatever degree are phenomena of the Diaspora. As long as Jews had a country, there was little to distinguish between the kind of hostility they met with and that experienced by any other people who constituted a recognizXXX INTRODUCTION able group, community, or nation. It is not sensible to describe the Canaanites as antisemites. Only from the third century BCE and outside ancient Israel did anti-Jewish hostility take on distinctive features.

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